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It was extremely risky to have sex with your parents in the next room, but your hormones took over. Ronnie looked too damn good to say no, besides, you tried to keep quiet. He didn’t work you over like times before, only so you would keep your sounds under control. It would cause hell for the both of you if you were caught; that certainly couldn’t happen. There was only one problem, you had been building up so much sexual frustration for Ronnie in the past few weeks; your moans escaped uncontrollably loud. 

”Babe, you’ve got to be quiet..” Ronnie whispered, making another long, hard thrust inside you. All you could do was bite down on your lip as hard as you could, but even that failed; the sounds of your moans were winning. The sound of the neighboring bedroom door slammed open, causing your heart to pound with fear. It was your father, you knew it by the sound of the thudding footsteps. “He’s coming - get off!” You whispered, your voice frantic. Ronnie wasn’t listening. “I’m close, just wait.” He grunted, throwing his head back. 

The doorknob wiggled, before the large piece of wood was pushed open and slammed against the newly painted wall. “Get the fuck off her!” Your father shouted, his anger growing. Ronnie scrambled to get off you, his body lunging to the hardwood floor as he looked for a place to hide; your father was never a good person to be around when he was angry. You immediately grabbed the large comforter and pulled it over your exposed body, covering yourself up. “Dad!” You squealed, your cheeks burning red with embarrassment. You were in trouble; big trouble. 

"Shut up!" Your dad shouted, shifting his eyes over to Ronnie. He was already partially dressed, but he wasn’t going to have time to finish. "Get your shit and get the fuck out! If I ever see you around my daughter again, you’re going to have to dodge a fucking shotgun!" He shouted, pointing to the door with a shaky finger. If Ronnie even thought about hesitating, he would be in a heap of trouble; more than what he was in. His life would be hell, thanks to his father and yours. It made you feel horrible that you couldn’t control yourself. 

Ronnie grabbed his things and ran out of the room, giving you an apologetic look on the way. He didn’t want you to get into trouble with your parents, but also knew that it was a bit too late. What was done, was done. There was no changing it, only facing whatever punishment you were given. Your father turned to face you, his eyes clouded over with anger. “How dare you do this in my house? With your mother and I next door? I can’t fucking believe you!” He sneered, shaking his head in disgust. 

He crossed his arms over his chest, before he turned to walk out. “I suggest you look for another place to live. I’m not having a whore live under my roof.” He said, walking out. It was harsh, but when he was upset; that’s how his mind worked. If it came to it, you could live with Ronnie. It may be your only choice. 

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